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Real Estate Investment is Key to Diversification

Matt Irvin - Thursday, December 17, 2015

Financial experts believe that diversifying your portfolio will lead to better returns. Real estate investment is key to diversification.Real estate investment is key to diversification.  What does that mean?  Stocks and bonds are what people typically think of when it comes to a financial portfolio.  But to truly diversify, you should consider investing in real estate.

Real Estate Investment = Diversification of Assets

Your company offers a 401k with matching funds up to 3%.  What do you do?  You take it, of course.  You'd be silly to turn down free money, right?  But, as the saying goes, you don't want to put all your eggs in one basket.  The key to a strong financial portfolio is to diversify.  Mutual funds can be helpful to those who are just dipping their toes into the financial pool.  Another good area to consider is real estate investment.

You own your own home.  That's great.  Home prices are on the rise.  For example, a three bedroom Walnut Creek home has an average sale price of $805,000 right now (according to Trulia.com).  Just three months ago, Buyers paid an average of $782,750.  Last year, it averaged $709,000.  That is an almost $100,000 increase in just 12 months.  Do you know of any other investment that has that high of a return in such a short amount of time?

Imagine if you took the money you could make from your own home and multiplied it.  That is where you start making real money.  Of course, real estate investment comes with risk just like any other investment.  Who can forget the sharp decline we saw in the late-2000s?  Some areas are still trying to recover.  Real estate investing should be considered a marathon, not a sprint.  Even one and two bedroom Walnut Creek properties are seeing appreciation, especially when compared to five years ago.

The Federal Reserve just announced a rate increase yesterday of 1/4%.  That means that it will now cost a little bit more for you to invest in real estate.  However, the rewards of owning multiple properties could be greater than the risks down the road.  Talk to your financial adviser to learn more about real estate investment today.

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